Since CAIS gallery was found in Seoul in 1997 with an inaugural exhibition of Gerhard Richter, it has been committed to presenting the work of the most significant Korean and international contemporary artists.

In the early of 2000’s, CAIS gallery had shown foreign contemporary artists’ work in diverse genres hardly seen in Korean art market such as Daniel Buren, Joseph Kosuth, Imi Knoebel, Tomas Grunfeld, Tim Prentice, Yin Qi, Sophia Petrides, Julien Opie, Peter Halley, Gary Simmons and Jonathan Borofsky, etc. Since the early-2000’s, in order to expose Korean contemporary artist abroad, CAIS gallery has been participating international art fairs and exhibitions. Also, it has been building up various spectrum of Korean contemporary artist through identifying and supporting young and potential generations of artists focusing on the elements of both beauty and idea of art such as So Young Choi (Mixed media), Kyoung Tack Hong (painting), Kyoung Mi Lee (painting), Doo Hwa Chung (sculpture), Byung Hun Min (photography), Xooang Choi (sculpture), Bo Min Kim (painting), Doo Jin Ahn (painting), Won Seong Won (photography). These artists feature exceptional technical abilities and an attitude concerning art’s place in an intellectual, cultural and social context.

In 2007, CAIS gallery was opened in Hong Kong and truly became a hub for Korean artists introducing Korean contemporary art at Hong Kong gallery as well as to neighboring countries such as mainland China, India and South East Asia. It continuously plays a significant role in developing art market, promoting Korean artists, and generating a bridge between artists and audiences.